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Default I can't delete a cell without deleting a row

I have the same problem but I don't think it's a setting because I
didn't change anything.

I've noticed this happens occassionally when I'm doing a bit of cutting
and pasting. All of a sudden I can't delete cell contents, only rows.
I've tried saving document, closing it and re-opening but it doesn't
help. When I go into another excel file, I have no problem, it just
occurs in the the one file I was cutting and pasting in. so I think
it's something to do with that, possibly the Paste Values option?

Anyway, when it's occurred before, I've managed to do something that's
stopped it, i.e. I can delete cells again but I cant' figure out what!

Does anyone know what causes this to occur and how to 'turn it off'?

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