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Default How do I merge two cells without deleting data from the cell?

Hi there
But I don't want formulas on the page..
As Well I am merging cell c and d and want the info to stay in d
I will end up copying and pasting to another program


"Batmans_Wife" wrote:

Thank you so much for sending me this formula. It worked perfectly and did
exactly what I needed. I really appreciate your quick, helpful response.


"Peo Sjoblom" wrote:

You can't, you can concatenate 2 cells into one by using a formula and

=A1&" "&B1

however stay away from merging cells, always cause more problems than what
it's worth and layout wise you can get very close without using it. I have
never seen a power user using merging


Peo Sjoblom

"Batmans_Wife" wrote:

I'm highlighting two cells in the same row, hitting format cells, alignment,
merge cells and I'm getting the error message, "The selection contains
multiple data values. Merging into one cell will keep the upper-left most
data only." I want to be able to make the two seperate cells one without
deleting anything and without having to cut and paste.