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David McRitchie
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Default combining data from several excel files into one file

Are you trying to take worksheets from file1.xls into a new workbook,
then copy the worksheets from file2.xls into the new workbook renaming any worksheet
that has the same name as a sheet already in the file, and the same for the rest of the files.

Are the files in the same directory or are you going to feed in the names.

I would try a google (web) search: excel combine workbooks sub directory
appears to adding all of the rows from all of the sheets of al the workbooks in a directory
into one worksheet. (same file structure, columns, headings, etc.)

Copies all the worksheets from all the workbooks in one folder into the active workbook.

(I expect this is what you are looking for, don't know what you get for sheet names, possibly

numbered copies sheet2 (3)

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"bobman" wrote in message ...
I have several excel files (not worksheets within one file) that I want to
combine into one excel file. In other words, I want to combine file1.xls,
file2.xls, file3.xls, etc and put all of the data from all three of those
files into one excel file. The data in each individual file is of the same
information, so this should be done without any problems. How do I combine
the individual files into one excel file?