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Default How do I use a countif function according to two other countif fu.

Dear Kirsty,

The problem you stated is not clear. Does it mean that you want to include
two conditions in countif functions i.e., consider the example

1 Apple Good
2 Mango Good
3 Apple Bad
4 Orange Good
5 Mango Bad

You want to count the number of Good (Col.B) apples (Col.A).

If this is the problem, you can do it by entering a formula in Col.C as


now type the following formula in Col.D

=countif($A$1:$B5, "Apple-Good")

Kind regards.


"Kirsty" wrote:

I have two countif formulas and I want to count the number of cells that
agree with both of these. Can anyone help please? I've searched the online
help but can't find anything.