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Default Change cell colour by date

Perhaps a quick play to ease you in as well ?

Assuming the due dates are in col B, in B2:B10 (say), and we want the entire
row(s) to appear shaded yellow if the due date is <= 7 days from today

Select row2 down to row10 (select the row headers)
[this ensures that A2 is active]

Click Format Conditional Formatting
Under Condition 1, make the settings:
Formula is: =AND($B2<"",$B2-TODAY()<=7)
Click Format button Patterns tab Yellow OK
Click OK at the main dialog

"Dri" wrote in message
Hi All
I'm working on a spreadsheet for a maintenance program. I'm looking for a
way to change the cell colour depending on when a task is due. For

when a monthly task is due I would like the cell colour to change to

me that it is due in a week.