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Default Match Single Numeric Criteria and Return Multiple Numeric Labels

Hi All,

I have two Columns of data: Column "E" houses the Numeric Labels and Column
"F" houses the Numeric Values. Column "F" will have genuine duplicate values
that should be included in the Returned results. The criterion value will

Desired Result:
I would like to find / match all values (duplicates included) that are equal
to a specific criterion value - eg: 1 (one) in Column "F" and then have all
their corresponding adjacent Numeric Labels returned from Column "E" to a
single cell, if possible. If not, then returned to individual cells on the
same Row.

Example Data:
Col E Col F
30 8
35 1
37 3
40 1
45 10
50 2
53 4
57 11
60 5
62 1

Expected Results:
Matching criterion value of 1 (one) Labels 35, 40 and 62 should be returned
to either a single cell or individual cells on the same Row.


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