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Don Guillett
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Default Dealing with numbers that begin with a 0

pre-format or use 00000000 as many as you need for a custom format

Don Guillett
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"SueB" wrote in message
Thats the problem, the people that will be using the sheet will probably
never be able to remember that. Is there any other way to get it to
reference as a number?

"Niek Otten" wrote:

Don't enter them as a number (because they aren't; they are text
references), enter them as text.
Either format the cells as text before entering the references, or
them with an apostrophe (which will not show)

Kind regards,

Niek Otten

"SueB" wrote in message
Hello i am trying to figure out some basic sums but the forulas will
differentiate between two numbers if one begins with a 0. in other
if i
enter the number 3 in a cell it give me the same results as if i
entered a
03. i need it to be able to diffentiate between the two as they are
seperate references.