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Frank Kabel
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Hi Josef
to be honest your requirement description is confusing. Please try the
- describe exactly what is on what sheet. You may even post some example data
- describe exactly what you're trying to lookup

I personally don't know what cell A15 is or what values you have on your
other sheets. And I don't get what you mean with:
"the A15 is on sheet1 called consignedmaterial of 3 different sheets"
Is it on sheet one or is it in three different sheets?

"Josef.angel" wrote:

sort of.. BUT the A15 is on sheet1 called consignedmaterial of 3 different
and the if document is the one with the formula in it called index
BUT 2 - i don't want to type in the 40 thats what i'm trying to looking up
the "if almost has to be inside the lookup where the 40 is.

value",VLOOKUP(40,'Z:\[stock.xls]6064'!$A9:$D2504,4,TRUE),"A15 is something

"Frank Kabel" wrote:

so dou you mean something like
value",VLOOKUP(40,'Z:\[stock.xls]6064'!$A9:$D2504,4,TRUE),"A15 is something

"Josef.angel" wrote:

i've tried doing that. & I get #n/a. value not available
the vlookup is directing it to lookup 40 specifically in the separate
I want it to only do that after it finds out what is in A15 in this document

Can you tell me how you reference a cell within a worksheet within a
workbook - brackets, quotes etc.

"Frank Kabel" wrote:


or if you look for an exact match use:

"Josef.angel" wrote:

Hi all

instead of asking the formula to lookup 40 in the secondary document directly
I'm wanting to base my lookup on the value in a cell that is in the same row
as the formula.


trying to substitute 40 with a nested index without success.
=VLOOKUP([index(A15)],'Z:\[Consignment Stock