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Just an option using formulas for you to play around ..

In Sheet1
Use one empty col to the right, say, col K

Put in K1: =IF(AND(D1=20,D1<=29),ROW(),"")
Copy down to K20

In Sheet2

Put in B1:

=IF(ISERROR(MATCH(SMALL(Sheet1!$K:$K,ROW(A1)),Shee t1!$K:$K,0)),"",OFFSET(She
et1!$A$1,MATCH(SMALL(Sheet1!$K:$K,ROW(A1)),Sheet1! $K:$K,0)-1,COLUMN(A1)))

Copy across to G1, fill down to G20

This'll extract only the specified rows
from Sheet1's B1:G20,
and w/o any spaces / blank rows in-between

xl 97
Please respond in thread
xdemechanik <atyahoo<dotcom
"Brian" wrote in message
Worksheet 1 has values in cells B1:G1 and down to B20:G20. I would like
worksheet 2 to display the values of each row of worksheet 1 only if the
value of cell D1,D2,D3 etc. of worksheet 1 is between 20 and 29. I would

prefer not to have spaces between the rows in worksheet 2 when the

rows are displayed. I would appreciate assistance with a formula to do

Thanks in advance.