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Default VBA

JJG wrote:

El jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2020 a las 19:38:35 UTC-3, Auric__ escribió:
dpb wrote:

On 11/5/2020 11:49 AM, JJG wrote:

I have Excel 2013 and I program with VBA.
Anyone know if VBA would be in the latest versions of Excel?
In version 365, macro automation creates Typecript code.
VBA works in the latest version.

MS cannot possibly drop support for VBA -- too much code out there
relies on it.

They may choose to feature something else, but it can't go away.

I have 365 here. I can say for sure that VBA is included, and there aren't
any notes or anything saying things like "deprecated" or "do not use".

Thanks guys for the reply!

Auric, if you create a macro in 365, what code does it generate?
VBA or Typescrip?

VBA, when recording a macro. The editor is still the normal VBA editor, and
doesn't support any other language AFAICT. I don't even know where/how to
look for typescript. Searching the help system returns no relevant results.

VBA is the only thing that keeps me on "modern" Excel. If they remove it,
I'll probably drop back to Office 2007. Or maybe 2000, the majority of my
code runs there.

....I might do that anyway.

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