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Default X Y Scatter Excel Graph X Axis Customization

"Max" wrote in message
On Thursday, 8 October, 2020 at 4:20:57 pm UTC+5:30, Peter T wrote:
"Max" wrote in message
Please find attached link for the file where I can explain easily.!Ak16zOG3Op0Cb05b...Azh9M?e=lyklCG


I didn't see this when I posted a couple of minutes ago, if that didn't
answer your question let me know and I'll look at your file.


Peter Thanks for your Reply and solving the trouble....
The trouble I am facing is I am still not able to see the result in the
displyed Graph. Its still shows the numbers.
May be the Excel Version. I am using MS Office 365 ProPlus FYI.
Please see the attahed link to seethe result (Screenshot) after adding the
first series.!Ak16zOG3Op0CcBG_..._IrKw?e=VhVLcD

Also updated file is linked below.!Ak16zOG3Op0Cb05b...Azh9M?e=dnjh65
If you can suggest any workaaround for the same
Many thanks Peter

I've had a look at your file (also in 365) and it's as realised when I came
last time - you can't have text labels in a Scatter chart for the reasons I
outlined in my first response. Sorry for misleading you first time, but I
did quickly correct!

You could workaround and add Labels over the x-value markers and keep your
Scatter. Another way would be to start with a dummy Line series with all
zero Y values (assuming the x-axis cross the Y at 0) with the x-category
values your text cells, then add further Series as Scatter types

To do that add the first add the dummy Line as described, then your real
Series also as Lines. Then change chart type and from the list select Combo
(at the bottom) to give you a 'Custom Combination'. You should now see a
list of dropdowns from which you can change each series individually to
Scatter (but keep the dummy as a Line

The Scatters will now be linked to the new secondary x-axis on the top of
the chart and a new a secondary Y-axis on the right. So delete left axis
(that belongs to the dummy), and configure the secondary Y axis to cross the
at zero, then delete the top axis that belongs to the Scatters.

But I can't see any reason to do all that when making a Line chart is so
much easier and will be effectively the same. However if you've got a
special reason why it must be a Scatter, use one of the workarounds - and
please explain why it must be a Scatter!

Peter T