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Default Excel print object?

GS wrote:
GS wrote:
* Well, i looked at those and others.
** Everybody refers to ranges or cells or sheets or ...
** BUT not at an actual object.
** Using fake code, iobj.5 is also known as "Picture 3", which was
inserted from an external source.
** The For Each iobj loop was the only way i discovered how to get
at it.
** I want to print it after i made changes by moving other objects
into and out of it.

When I modify/markup an image in Excel I take a ScreenCapture of it
and convert that to whatever image format I'm after. Since this is
the only contents on a worksheet, the normal Print processes work as
expected for printing the finished result.

Normally, I set the sheet up like graph paper and turn Gridlines off.

** I have a loop around the basic generator to produce 200 patterns
that i want to save, and using a PDF printer to FILE: allows the
computer to do all of the work (like it should do).

** Even for one pass, I cannot get it to print that object; so the
normal Print processes does NOT work properly; it prints the whole page.

** Your last line indicates that you refer to sheets (like i said),
not an object/picture.

** The For Each iobj loop selects the desired object(picture); how do
i complete the process to print it?

** Thanks.

I ScreenCapture, as I said, then convert to the image format I want.
There is only 1 image per page, so if you want individual printouts then
Insert PageBreak after each image.

Computers are supposed to be able to automate repetitive
(programming) tasks.
I create 200 different "Picture 3" (fifth iobj) and need to print
each one.
But i cannot print even one without code to do that.
For me to screen capture each one is manifestly stupid for me.

Do you have any clue as to what excel code to use for printing that