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Default Excel print object?

GS wrote:
* Well, i looked at those and others.
** Everybody refers to ranges or cells or sheets or ...
** BUT not at an actual object.
** Using fake code, iobj.5 is also known as "Picture 3", which was
inserted from an external source.
** The For Each iobj loop was the only way i discovered how to get at it.
** I want to print it after i made changes by moving other objects into
and out of it.

When I modify/markup an image in Excel I take a ScreenCapture of it and
convert that to whatever image format I'm after. Since this is the only
contents on a worksheet, the normal Print processes work as expected for
printing the finished result.

Normally, I set the sheet up like graph paper and turn Gridlines off.

I have a loop around the basic generator to produce 200 patterns that i
want to save, and using a PDF printer to FILE: allows the computer to do all
of the work (like it should do).

Even for one pass, I cannot get it to print that object; so the normal
Print processes does NOT work properly; it prints the whole page.

Your last line indicates that you refer to sheets (like i said), not an

The For Each iobj loop selects the desired object(picture); how do i
complete the process to print it?


I ScreenCapture, as I said, then convert to the image format I want. There is
only 1 image per page, so if you want individual printouts then Insert
PageBreak after each image.


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