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Default Loop for text check in three colums and set a text code based on this in another column

Hi Johan,

Am Tue, 16 Apr 2019 12:10:45 -0700 (PDT) schrieb :

The thing thats goes wrong now is that the text in the mentioned columns isn't only the letters I wrote. Those letters are a part of the text within that specific cell.
So the text in li,co+13 could be "Blabla AAA blabla"
The text in li,co+22 could be "BBB Bla bla"
The text in li,co+23 could be "Bla CCC"

The macro has to check if the mentioned text is a part of the whole text in the cell. If in all three columns that specific text is found then...... it results in a code.

then try:

Sub Test()
Dim LRow As Long, i As Long
Dim varData As Variant, varOut() As Variant

With ActiveSheet
LRow = .Cells(.Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row
varData = .Range("A2:Y" & LRow)
ReDim varOut(UBound(varData) - 1)
For i = LBound(varData) To UBound(varData)
If InStr(varData(i, 14), "AAA") 0 And InStr(varData(i, 22), "BBB") 0 _
And InStr(varData(i, 23), "CCC") 0 Then
varOut(i - 1) = "A"
ElseIf InStr(varData(i, 14), "DDD") 0 And InStr(varData(i, 23), "FFF") 0 _
And InStr(varData(i, 22), "EEE") = 0 Then
varOut(i - 1) = "B"
varOut(i - 1) = "C"
End If
.Range("Z2").Resize(UBound(varOut) + 1) = Application.Transpose(varOut)
End With
End Sub

Claus B.
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