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Originally Posted by Milo Bloom View Post
I have a question, I want to look a 2 different numbers and determine if a test is pass or fail.

You are given a "curve #" Excel has a list of these curves.
you give excel "unit Weight and Moisture" In the "curves table it specify a minimum compaction based on the "curve" and moisture array say Optimum +3% or Optimum +-3% etc.

I posted the sheets here.

Index of /Excel

on Line 15 you can see where i was experimenting.
I did make the table on page Curves a named range. Curves

I need columns h & m to meet the specs on page "curves:" column
In other words line 9 column H needs to be 13 to 17% and column n needs to be greater than 114.2 for a PASS else Fail.

TIA for any Help

Thanks for the help, I seemly tried to follow the instructions but get a #N/A
I tried to step through it and seems to be ok until the final step.
I posted the new file as version 4.

Thanks Again :-)