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Default how to increment sheets in an excel formula with auto fill

On Friday, March 15, 2013 at 12:59:19 PM UTC-4, Gord Dibben wrote:
Use INDIRECT function

=INDIRECT("DAY" & (COLUMN()-1) & "!F27")

entered in B4 then dragged across


On Thu, 14 Mar 2013 22:24:35 +0000, RC2902

Hi there,
Hoping someone may be able to assist me with my issue, I just can't
workout what to do here.

I have a Workbook with approximately 30 sheets all with different names,
for example:
Sheet1 is named "2013", Sheet2 named "DAY 1", Sheet3 "DAY2"...

On the sheet named "2013" in cell B4, I wish to reference a cell F27 on
the sheet named "DAY 1". Then I wish to be able to auto fill across the
page so that the referenced cell remains the same, however the sheet
increments to "DAY2", then "DAY3" and so on.

So far I have used
='DAY 1'!$F$27

However the issue is, that the sheet does not increment from 'DAY 1' to
DAY 2' then 'DAY 3' respectively with auto fill. I am able to manually
change the entry from 'DAY 1' to 'DAY 2', however I may as well jut
manually enter value from cell F27 on each sheet. Surely there is a
formula to automate this?

Does some one have a solution to my problem? I have never used INDIRECT
function, and have tried to apply different examples, however always
results in a #REF error.

Assistance is greatly appreciated

Is there a way to use the INDIRECT function to increase a reference incrementally when a new sheet is created?

Like a cell in Sheet 1 references SheetMainA4, have the same cell in Sheet 2 reference SheetMain B4 etc?

I need to