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Default how to unhide multiple rows in one go?

On Friday, December 28, 2007 at 12:06:00 AM UTC+4, Satnam Randhawa wrote:
i had tried that but doesnt work
I feel i wasnt able to do it coz the row was not just hidden..but its height
was reset to Zero or something..
Anywas here is how i got to get it to work:
select the entire sheet(Ctrl+ A OR by clicking on that little box in the
upper left hand corner where column headings A,B,C..and row numbers
1,2, ) and point the mouse to one of the rows which is above or below
the row thats hidden and then quickly do a double click with left mouse
button..this will unhide all the rows in worksheet.

Psst..i cant take credit for this it one of the logs here only..
But thanks for trying..

"Marcelo" wrote:

select all rows (100) right click (on row number) adn unhide

regards from Brazil
Thanks in advance for your feedback.

"Satnam Randhawa" escreveu:

I have a worksheet with close to 100 rows out which 15-20 are hidden. How do
I unhide all the rows in one work sheet in one go without having to drag them
out individually?