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Default Function for summing or counting cells based on a specified fillcolor

Hi San

Here's something quick n dirty, but it does what you're looking for.

It's essentially requires you to employ helper cells to do the math.

A1 is the cell in which you change the color you wish to count.

Adjust the ranges to suit your requirements.

Sub CountColor()

Dim cRange As Range, cSum As Range
Dim cCell As Range, tCell As Range
Dim c As Range

Set cRange = Range("C1:C10") 'your color range
Set cCell = Range("A1") 'base color to count
Set cSum = Range("D110") 'apply number to matching color
Set tCell = Range("B1") 'Sum Total matching colors

For Each c In cRange
If Not c.Interior.Color < cCell.Interior.Color Then
c.Offset(0, 1).Value = 1
End If
Next c

tCell = WorksheetFunction.Sum(cSum)

End Sub

Someone else may be able to give it a crew-cut to improve.