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Is there no other solution to this? I'm having the same problem, but it's links to PDFs from Access, not Excel. The PDF pops up and then closes instantly. I can see the file name in the top of the window very quickly, so I know that it's loading. This problem is only happening on my PC. I tried the links on a colleague's PC and this works fine. I am using the current version of Adobe Reader.

Originally Posted by Dave Peterson View Post
So make sure you have the latest version of the softwa

Barbara wrote:

Trying to set up hyperlinks to pdf from excel spreadsheet. Excel in one
network drive and pdf in another network drive. When hovering the link, I get
the screen tip that the link is set up but when you click on the link, the
pdf flashes at you and does not stay open.
Is this a setting issue? Or could it be a software issue?

Excel is 2003, and reader is version 7.

This work station has never had a problem with it before.



Dave Peterson