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Default Removing vowels from words...

Hi Guys,

just to add a comment to my code in regards to backstepping.
I first had a total different approach, which was total crap, that's
where the backward steps are coming from. Obviously it works as well
if you go the other way around, didn't realize that though until I saw
your post :)

Here's the forward version, although the other one should work fine:

Function removeVowel(VowelWord As String) As String

Dim NoVowelWord As String

For L = 1 to Len(VowelWord)
If Mid(VowelWord, L, 1) = "a" Or _
Mid(VowelWord, L, 1) = "e" Or _
Mid(VowelWord, L, 1) = "i" Or _
Mid(VowelWord, L, 1) = "o" Or _
Mid(VowelWord, L, 1) = "u" Then
NoVowelWord = NoVowelWord & Mid(VowelWord, L, 1)
End If
Next L

removeVowel = NoVowelWord

End Function

cheers carlo

On Dec 20, 12:36 am, Dave Peterson wrote:
Just to add to Bob's formula.

=substitute() is case sensitive (and I bet autocorrect changed his i to I <bg).

Another alternative:


Bob Phillips wrote:

no VBA




(there's no email, no snail mail, but somewhere should be gmail in my addy)

wrote in message
How to remove vowels from words? Fpr example, in one row we have
google, excell, macro,... and the result in another row is ggl, xcll,
mcr,... Thanks.


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