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Jon Peltier
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Legend Entries are sortable only to the extent that you can change the order of the
series within the chart. If all series are the same type (i.e., line or column) and
on the same axis (primary), and if the series are not stacked, you can do this by
changing the series plot order; double click any series, and on the series order
tab, rearrange the series as required.

You will find that different series types in a combination chart only sort within
their group, but area series for example always plot first, and XY series always
plot last, and other types line up according to type.

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Coolboy55 wrote:

Is there a way to sort the legend entries using VBA?
.Legend.LegendEntries does not seem to have any sorting properties. I
want them alphabetically sorted from top to bottom. Possible?