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Default macro doesn't properly record AutoSum (and SendKeys doesn't wo


You are awesome. Thank you so much!


"Jim Rech" wrote:

Sub SumAbove()
With ActiveCell
.Formula = "=sum(" & Range(.Offset(-1), _
.Offset(-1).End(xlUp)).Address(False, False) & ")"
End With
End Sub

"crimsonkng" wrote in message
| In my macro, I'm trying to "insert" an auto-sum command into various,
| periodic cells. But when I record the keystrokes it always refers to a
| of cells (whether it's a relative or absolute address). So, that won't
| because it's a different range every time. I just want to execute an
| auto-sum function into a balnk cell. But even SendKeys doesn't work. The
| macro ignores the SendKeys command of: "alt-equals-enter."
| Here's a description, in general:
| In Column B, I have thousands of dollar-amounts, separated intermittently
| two blank cells. I need to sum the range of cells directly "above" the
| blank cell. My macro can "find" each blank cell in which the auto-sum
| occur -- that's no problem. But when I'm at the blank cell, I merely want
| perform an auto-sum. But I can't specify an exact range because the range
| (number of cells) changes every time. So, in effect, I just want to
| the auto-sum icon. But, like I said above, "record macro" inserts the
| specific row addresses (or relative range) and SendKeys doesn't work.
| So, how can I program the macro to perform an auto-sum without specifying
| specific range of cells?
| Thanks. Dan