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Dave Peterson
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When you do this:

Productivity = Format(Range("A1").Value, "#.0 %")

It makes Productivity a string--not a number.

If you want to display that percentage and the cell is formatted the way you
want, you could use:

msgbox range("a1").text

But if you're going to use productivity as a number later, it's best to just
work with the value (why convert it to text just to convert it back to a

And sometimes you use Key as a range and sometimes you use it as a value.

This kind of thing works ok for me:

Option Explicit
Public Sub Testvalues()

Dim Productivity As Double
Dim Key As Double

Productivity = Range("A1").Value
MsgBox Range("a1").Text

Key = Range("A5").Value

Do While Productivity < 0.7
Key = Key + 0.25
'you better do something to productivity so you can exit the loop
Productivity = Productivity + 0.1 '???

Range("a5").Value = Key

End Sub

rgarber50 wrote:

When I try:
Productivity = Format(Range("A1").Value, "#.0 %")

I get 070.0%. Now I am using a Macintosh - wonder if that is effecting
the formatting?

Here is a test macro I tried - it also errors out at the do while loop.

[A1 is a % formatted formula =B3; B3 is a formula B5/B4; B4 =40 and B5
= 20). The idea here is how much does B5 (key) have to be for
productivity(A1) to equal 70%. Of course the answer in the test is 28
(70% productivity in a 40/hr week = 28hrs)

Public Sub Testvalues()

Dim Productivity, Key
Productivity = Format(Range("A1").Value, "#.0 %")
MsgBox Productivity '
returns 070.0%

Key = Range("A5").Value

Do While Productivity < 0.7 '- runtime error 13; type
Key.Value = Key + 0.25

End Sub

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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