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Thanks for that Garfield. I have done that and it has worked, but now it
wont put the numbers that should be a WHOLE number.

EG - I WANT the decimal point as 1.0759 - BUT it is only showing 1075.9.
I have played around with the decimal points in the tools, options menu.


"garfield-n-odie" wrote:

Multiply by 106%.

Leanne wrote:

I want to add on 6% to each cell. Ranges are from B11 - L61. I have put a 6
in a cell by it self, highlighted, paste special, then multiply.

My problem is - it only displays how much 6% is of the sum that I have put
into the cell.

E.G In one cell, I have .58900 - I multiply that by 6.0% and get .035340.
Which is correct. BUT I need .58900 + 0.03534 to SHOW that .58900+0.03534 =

How do I do this???