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These forums kick butt! Thanks Jason for the quick reply. I checking that
1904 date system and it worked perfect!


"Jason Morin" wrote:

It has to do with your the date system selection not
being the same in each wb. You can modify it under Tools
Options Calculation tab. Look for "1904 date system".

For more information, see:

and look for the subheader:

"The Two Date Systems Of Excel"

Atlanta, GA

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Hello again,

My problem now is when I open an old excel sheet with

data on it and try to
paste that info on a new sheet I get wrong information.

example: I'm trying to copy dates from an excel sheet I

have. The dates are
for the year 2004. When I copy the data and paste it on

a new sheet the dates
I now see are 2000. I'm puzzled. What I find wierd is

when I have clipboard
open the information shows the correct dates but when

it's actually pasted on
the sheet it shows as 2000.

I'm using Excel 2003, but I get the same thing when

using excel 2002(xp)

Thanks for your help,