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Default function to retrieve a list of unique characters from a column

With datalist in A1 to A14000, enter this in B1:


And enter this *array* formula in B2:

=IF(ISERR(MATCH(0,COUNTIF(B$1:B1,$A$1:$A$14000&"") ,0)),"",INDEX(IF(ISBLANK($A$1:$A$14000),"",$A$1:$A $14000),MATCH(0,COUNTIF(B$1:B1,$A$1:$A$14000&""),0 )))

Array formulas are entered using CSE, <Ctrl> <Shift> <Enter>, instead of the
regular <Enter>, which will *automatically* enclose the formula in curly
brackets, which *cannot* be done manually. Also, CSE *must* be used when
revising the formula.



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"Pluggie" > wrote in message
news I have a column with a lot of text inside (some 14000 rows).

The question came to mind to know which unique characters appear in this

I couldn't find a formula that can help me answer my question.

So... does anybody know how to get a list of unique characters that occur
within a column? There are functions to give me the count of unique
characters, so I don't need that.